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About Us


Great pricing results from great pricing science.  That’s what most pricing consultancies and price optimization software companies will tell you.  And we agree.  But we believe that there is much more to it.

Pricing Empowered brings decades of experience working with hundreds of organizations to optimize pricing.  What we have learned is that most organizations, and the people that work for them, tend to undervalue themselves in some area of their business.  We believe this is due to either a lack of confidence or a tendency to solve non-pricing problems with price. 

We are committed to change this.  We are committed to bring pricing power back to those creating value every day.  

Pricing Empowered brings clients the skills to guarantee they have all necessary training, tools, software, and coaching required to optimize pricing and guarantee a full return on the value their organizations create every day.  Using our proprietary framework, we merge pricing science with the necessary tools to remove roadblocks in culture, strategy, goal conflict, policy, process, communication, and intelligence. 

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Our Framework

We recognize that the optimal return on value results from discovering the best TARGET PRICE for any commercial opportunity.  Competitors change, vendors change, laws change, market climates change.  All of this means that the best TARGET PRICE today might be totally different tomorrow.  That’s why our framework is based on a process; one where strategies are developed and executed, results are analyzed, and strategies are adjusted and optimized.

Through this process, the behaviors of your company can either allow this process to naturally flow and evolve or they can disrupt and derail.  That’s why our toolkit specifically addresses 8 areas of organizational behaviors that remove any non-pricing issues that may affect your ability to optimize your return on value.  This happens while simultaneously creating an entirely new level of organizational confidence and pricing power. 


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