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  • ROV Blueprint

    Every month
    9 Modules of Return on Value Training
    Valid for 12 months
    • Over $30K in training services included
  • ROV Scaffold

    Every month
    ROV BluePrint Plus Consulting Toolkit
    Valid for 12 months
    • Training PLUS Toolkit which includes:
    • Market Positioning Alignment Tool
    • Price Volume Financial Planning Guide
    • Customer Pricing Segmentation Tool
    • Product and Service Pricing Segmentation Tool
    • Transaction Pricing Segmentation Tool
    • Identification of 56 Profit Leaks Tool
    • Sales Incentive Guide
    • Sales Policy Handbook Creator
    • Pricing Current and Future State Process Mapping Tool
    • Quotation Workflow Management Hub
    • List Price Optimization Analytics
    • Margin Causality Analytics
    • Peer Pricing Analytics
    • Pricing / Cost Trend and Forecasting Analytics
    • Pricing Waterfall Analytics
    • Win Loss Analytics
    • Value Pricing Creator
    • Customer Pricing Communication Templates
    • Market Intelligence Guide and Access to Resources
    • Pricing Council and Pricing Organizational Structure Guide
    • Executive Pricing Dashboard
    • Board / Executive Level Return on Value Presentation
  • Best Value

    ROV Assembled

    Every month
    The ultimate plan - all inclusive
    Valid for 12 months
    • Includes everything in the Full Suite Subscription
    • Up to One Hour of Coaching and Consulting a Week for 52 Wks

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